Best seafood in Virginia beach

Waterman’s Surfside Grille

The quality and variety of Waterman’s seafood make it appealing. From tender crab legs to plump oysters, the restaurant’s food celebrates the sea. Best seafood in Virginia Beach is Waterman’s guarantee with each perfectly prepared meal. Waterman’s chefs source the freshest fish to make every meal a narrative of the ocean’s richness.

Waterman’s sustainability is a highlight. Local fishermen and suppliers who practice responsible fishing work with the restaurant. This dedication improves seafood quality and represents Waterman’s Surfside Grille’s environmental care. The food pleases the palette and fits with discerning diners.

The restaurant’s waterfront location lets customers enjoy Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood and Atlantic Ocean vistas. The large windows and outside chairs provide a sea breeze-like environment. From romantic dinners for two to vibrant gatherings with friends, Waterman’s Surfside Grille is the perfect setting for unforgettable memories.

The gastronomic experience at Waterman’s begins with a variety of ocean-inspired appetizers. At the start of a seafood feast, crispy calamari with tangy marinara is a favorite. The cuisine easily transitions to gourmet seafood, shellfish, and crustaceans for main dishes. The restaurant’s Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes, filled with lump crab flesh and Old Bay flavor, demonstrate its commitment to Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood.

The cuisine showcases Virginia’s coastal delicacies for seafood lovers. She-Crab Soup, a regional specialty, is a silky blend of crab meat, cream, and sherry that warms the meal. The seafood platters, filled with shrimp, scallops, and fish, showcase the ocean’s bounty.

For those looking beyond seafood, the steaks and fowl are also excellent. To satisfy a variety of tastes, Waterman’s Surfside Grille’s dedicated staff caters to each client. The restaurant serves Virginia Beach’s finest seafood on a menu that emphasizes culinary expertise and creativity.

Along with its food, Waterman’s Surfside Grille promotes community and fellowship. The casual atmosphere encourages customers to remain and enjoy the cuisine, conversation, and seaside setting. Events and live music at the restaurant allow customers to relax and make memories.

Catch 31 Fish House and Bar

Catch 31’s success comes from serving Virginia Beach’s best fish. The restaurant sources the freshest, tastiest ingredients from local fishermen and suppliers to showcase the region’s rich marine abundance in every dish. The restaurant’s seafood cuisine showcases quality and taste, from luscious shrimp to delicate crab.

Catch 31 is known for its seafood innovation. These chefs masterfully combine old recipes with new culinary methods to create a timeless and sophisticated cuisine. The broad menu at Catch 31 ensures a wonderful meal for seafood lovers and first-timers alike.

At the raw bar, oysters, clams, and other shellfish are shucked to order, demonstrating the restaurant’s freshness. This commitment to serving the best seafood in Virginia Beach lets customers taste the ocean with every bite. Seafood lovers love the raw bar for its clean flavor.

Another reason Catch 31 is a top seafood restaurant is its atmosphere. From its beachside position, the restaurant provides amazing Atlantic Ocean views. The stylish and comfortable ambiance is enhanced by the soothing sound of waves smashing against the coast. Catch 31 makes for a memorable supper, whether you’re celebrating or just having fun.

Catch 31 has a large bar menu to compliment its delicious fish. Catch 31’s bar offers handmade drinks and a carefully selected wine list for all tastes. The talented bartenders take delight in making innovative, refreshing beverages that improve the dining experience. Catch 31’s bar menu has something for everyone, whether you like seafood or land-based meals.

Catch 31’s service is another reason it’s Virginia Beach’s best seafood. The staff is kind and knows the food well. At Catch 31, the cheerful and attentive staff is always ready to help with queries regarding seafood origins or wine pairings, ensuring that every visitor feels well taken care of.

Catch 31 provides takeaway and catering for the best Virginia Beach seafood at home. This flexibility allows customers to enjoy the restaurant’s delicious food and tastes wherever they are, reinforcing its reputation as a top seafood restaurant.

Blue Seafood & Spirits

Blue Seafood & Spirits’ specialty dishes have earned it the title of “Best seafood in Virginia Beach.” The restaurant’s Chesapeake Bay Platter shows its dedication to local cuisine with a variety of fresh oysters, clams, and shrimp. Each plate is a beauty, beautifully constructed to highlight Chesapeake Bay flavors.

Blue Seafood & beverages’ bar has a great assortment of beverages to accompany the seafood. The restaurant’s talented mixologists pride themselves on making sea-inspired drinks. Blue Seafood & Spirits’ well selected beverage menu improves the dining experience, from classic pairings like a crisp Sauvignon Blanc with oysters to inventive cocktails made with locally produced spirits.

Blue Seafood & Spirits has a broad cuisine and a cozy atmosphere. For a romantic supper, family celebration, or informal meeting with friends, the restaurant’s coastal-inspired design is easygoing and sophisticated. The friendly atmosphere and helpful, experienced personnel make every visit to Blue Seafood & Spirits unforgettable.

Blue Seafood & Spirits is a local and tourist favorite for Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood. It has won awards and a dedicated following for its dependably high-quality food. In every element, Blue Seafood & Spirits strives to provide a top-notch dining experience, making it stand out in Virginia Beach’s bustling culinary scene.

Blue Seafood & Spirits gives back to the community in addition to serving delicious meals and a cozy atmosphere. Many customers are environmentally sensitive, thus the restaurant supports local fisheries and sustainable seafood. Responsible sourcing improves the dining experience and distinguishes Blue Seafood & Spirits as a socially responsible and community-oriented business.

Rockafeller’s Restaurant

The Atlantic Ocean vista and devotion to provide an unmatched seafood dining experience set Rockafeller’s unique. From the minute customers enter, a warm and friendly atmosphere sets the setting for a wonderful dinner. The restaurant is perfect for every occasion since it balances casual and sophisticated.

Rockafeller’s fresh fish is its main draw. The restaurant’s broad cuisine showcases the sea’s abundance and shows its devotion to excellence. From luscious shrimp and crab to flaky, flawlessly cooked fish, each dish showcases the ocean’s tastes.

Locally produced ingredients are Rockafeller’s specialty. The chefs proudly provide Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood, reflecting the region’s marine tradition. This dedication supports local fishermen and suppliers and ensures Rockafeller’s freshness and excellence as Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood destination.

Rockafeller’s cuisine showcases seafood’s inherent taste in a harmonious blend. Every bite of Rockafeller’s Crab Cake, a melt-in-your-mouth masterpiece made with lump crab meat and a perfect blend of spices, or the Grilled Atlantic Salmon, cooked to perfection and served with delectable accompaniments, showcases the culinary expertise at play.

Rockafeller’s Promise: The Best Seafood in Virginia Beach applies to every area of the dining experience. The restaurant’s friendly and knowledgeable service and fine cuisine demonstrate its dedication to excellence. The Rockafellers make every guest feel like part of their seafood-loving family from the minute they sit down until the last goodbye.

Rockafeller’s serves delicious appetizers and starters in addition to its main meals. The local staple Oyster Rockefeller blends fresh oysters with a creamy spinach and cheese topping for a harmonized taste and texture. The Seafood Nachos, with shrimp, crab, and scallops over crunchy tortilla chips, demonstrate the restaurant’s creative take on classic cuisine.

If you want to taste the sea, try Rockafeller’s Seafood Platter. This substantial selection of fresh shrimp, oysters, clams, and crab legs is a sensory feast. Rockafeller’s dedication to real and unforgettable seafood makes the platter a Virginia Beach favorite.

Rockafeller’s becomes a romantic refuge at night with the Virginia Beach skyline as a background. Diners may enjoy the Best Seafood in Virginia Beach beneath the stars in the coastal breeze from outside seats. Rockafeller’s is ideal for special events and private groups due to its great cuisine, impeccable service, and scenic setting.

Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant

The warm and inviting atmosphere of Captain George’s evokes a seaside sanctuary where the sea wind mixes with the kitchen’s delectable fragrances. Maritime relics and fishing gear make the restaurant’s marine atmosphere immersive and unforgettable.

Serving the freshest and best seafood sets Captain George’s distinct. The menu features a variety of seafood dishes, from crab legs to shrimp, all cooked to highlight the sea’s inherent characteristics. Captain George’s chefs source seafood locally to support the region’s fishing economy and promote sustainability.

Captain George’s huge seafood buffet makes it Virginia Beach’s premier seafood restaurant. The buffet is full of crab legs, oysters, clams, mussels, and fish, beautifully cooked to please the most discriminating palates. Seafood lovers looking for a unique eating experience love the buffet’s freshness and diversity.

The crab legs at Captain George’s are the highlight. Crab lovers flock to the eatery for its Snow Crab, Dungeness Crab, and King Crab assortment. Captain George’s dedication to excellence is evident in the crab legs’ luscious, sweet flesh, making it Virginia Beach’s top seafood restaurant.

Captain George’s offers a memorable dining experience in addition to its delicious seafood. The courteous, attentive staff makes customers feel welcome and cared for during their dinner. The restaurant’s excellent customer service complements its superb food and welcoming friendliness.

Virginia Beach’s seaside location gives Captain George’s access to fresh, locally caught fish. The restaurant uses its location to highlight the region’s maritime richness. Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant represents Virginia Beach’s seafood from the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic Ocean.

Captain George’s is your best bet for seafood variety and quality. The top seafood restaurant in Virginia Beach is dedicated to quality, sustainability, and a memorable dining experience. Captain George’s is a hallmark for fish lovers who admire its culinary prowess.

The Atlantic on Pacific

The Atlantic on Pacific, in Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront neighborhood, embodies marine appeal. The nautical decor and relaxing ocean noises transport customers to a marine sanctuary as soon as they enter this seafood hideaway. The restaurant’s decor and, more importantly, food reflect its beach theme.

The Atlantic on Pacific’s commitment to Virginia Beach’s best seafood makes it appealing. The cuisine showcases the region’s maritime bounty with a variety of fresh Atlantic Ocean seafood. From luscious shrimp to plump oysters, every dish shows the restaurant’s excellence and freshness.

Sustainability distinguishes The Atlantic on Pacific. The restaurant uses ethical and sustainable sources to serve delicious fish. Sustainability enhances the eating experience and coincides with the rising awareness of ocean and marine life conservation.

Most notable at The Atlantic on Pacific is Virginia Beach’s Best Seafood. This seafood haven’s chefs showcase the ocean’s abundance in their cuisine. Signature dishes include Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes. The flavor of Chesapeake Bay’s blue crabs is captured in these crab cakes, made with lump crab flesh, perfectly seasoned, and lightly grilled.

Try the oyster bar at The Atlantic on Pacific if you want raw and refreshing. The oysters, from local waterways, are shucked to order, making each seafood bite salty and refreshing. The oyster bar’s house-made mignonettes and spicy sauces demonstrate the restaurant’s seafood expertise.

The Atlantic on Pacific’s menu goes beyond seafood, showcasing the ocean’s variety. Lobster Mac & Cheese, for instance, combines delicious lobster pieces with creamy cheese sauce and freshly cooked macaroni for a sumptuous feast. The Atlantic on Pacific is a standout dining destination for its contemporary take on seafood classics.

The Atlantic on Pacific is Virginia Beach’s Best Seafood because of its dedication to a wonderful dining experience and delicious food. The friendly, experienced staff is happy to explain each seafood dish’s origins. Locals and guests love the restaurant’s exceptional service, which enhances every visit.

Hot Tuna Bar & Grill

The restaurant’s commitment to fresh, delicious seafood is clear from the moment customers enter. Hot Tuna serves a variety of fish dishes that will satisfy even the pickiest seafood eaters. Hot Tuna’s excellence is evident in every dish, from luscious shrimp and delicious crab to the day’s best catches.

Hot Tuna is Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood since it always uses fresh ingredients. The culinary crew carefully chooses seafood from respected suppliers to ensure each dish reflects the restaurant’s expertise. Quality is evident in the flavor and appearance of each meticulously prepared meal.

The waterfront setting enhances the eating experience with stunning views that accompany the food. Guests may enjoy a full sensory experience with the relaxing sounds of the ocean as a soundtrack. Hot Tuna stands out among Virginia Beach’s seafood restaurants for its delicious meals and beautiful location.

A symphony of flavors, Hot Tuna’s cuisine reinvents seafood classics. Whether they’re eating lobster tail, scallops, or clam soup, customers are treated to a gastronomic voyage that celebrates the sea’s riches. The chefs at Hot Tuna effectively combine classic recipes and modern cooking methods to create each meal.

With its excellent seafood and attentive service, Hot Tuna shows its dedication to client happiness. The staff knows the menu and can help customers choose based on their interests. This individualized service makes customers feel welcome and respected.

Sustainable practices make Hot Tuna Virginia Beach’s top seafood restaurant. The restaurant supports marine ecosystem protection by using responsibly sourced seafood. This mindful approach meets the rising demand for eco-friendly dining and Hot Tuna’s dedication to preserve the ocean’s riches for future generations.

Hot Tuna caters to romantic dinners by the ocean, friend gatherings, and informal lunches. Locals and travelers seeking Virginia Beach’s best seafood frequent the restaurant for its diverse cuisine and cozy setting.

Big Sam’s Inlet Cafe & Raw Bar

Big Sam’s allure lies in its dedication to fresh fish. Big Sam’s chefs get their ingredients from local fisherman and trustworthy sources to ensure every dish has Atlantic tastes. Seafood lovers choose Big Sam’s for its excellence in every mouthful.

A coastal retreat-style setting with timber elements and nautical design makes the restaurant cozy. Big Sam’s has a great atmosphere for seafood, whether you’re a local searching for a regular place or a guest seeking for a memorable meal.

Big Sam’s Inlet Cafe & Raw Bar has a wide variety of seafood for all tastes. From luscious crab legs to flawlessly grilled prawns, each dish showcases the kitchen’s culinary skills. The cuisine highlights Virginia Beach’s maritime riches and offers a culinary tour of the region’s seafood legacy.

Big Sam’s Raw Bar is famous for its freshly shucked oysters, clams, and other raw foods. Shellfish from local waterways are a highlight, with their saline sweetness encapsulating Virginia Beach’s coastal appeal. These raw seafood starters on ice are refreshing and delicious.

Big Sam’s chefs take delight in creating culinary wonders from fresh, uncomplicated ingredients. The seafood’s exquisite flavor balance lets each item shine. Big Sam’s devotion to offering Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood is evident in every dish, from a seafood boil to a seafood platter.

Along with its delicious seafood, Big Sam’s Inlet Cafe & Raw Bar is known for its welcoming crew. Service is as warm as the beach sands, making dining more than simply cuisine. Staff are educated about the food and ready to make recommendations to make guests feel welcome and well cared for.

Locals and visitors talk about Big Sam’s Inlet Cafe & Raw Bar’s greatest seafood in Virginia Beach. Its pleasant environment, excellent service, and, most importantly, delicious seafood have made it a Virginia Beach culinary jewel.

Seasonal specialties at Big Sam’s emphasize the variety of locally sourced seafood. This devotion to appreciating the sea’s abundance makes Big Sam’s visits distinctive and savory. Big Sam’s cooks are continuously trying new methods to improve the eating experience, whether it’s soft-shell crabs in spring or a savory seafood stew in winter.

Chix on the Beach

Visitors know the restaurant serves Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood the moment they enter. The calm environment complements the stunning ocean views that frame every meal. Chix on the Beach exudes coastal living and Virginia Beach’s laid-back appeal.

Chix on the Beach is known for its commitment to fresh, high-quality seafood. The restaurant’s delicious seafood-inspired menu shows its dedication to quality. Every dish at Chix on the Beach celebrates ocean tastes, from luscious shrimp and plump oysters to flaky fish and soft crab.

Their classic seafood plate makes Chix on the Beach Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood. This large dish of freshly cooked fish is delivered with stunning ocean views. The ideal blend of grilled fish, crunchy fried shrimp, and delicate crab cakes produces a culinary experience that leaves customers wanting more.

To add authenticity, Chix on the Beach chefs employ locally sourced ingredients to give each meal a seaside touch. This commitment to local fisheries helps preserve the region’s seafood sector and gives customers an ethical and ecologically friendly eating experience.

The cuisine at Chix on the Beach goes beyond seafood, offering something for everyone. From lobster rolls to seafood tacos, Chix on the Beach’s chefs exhibit their ingenuity and adaptability in creating dishes for all tastes. The diverse cuisine lets customers experience the ocean’s wealth, making each visit a gourmet adventure.

Besides its delicious seafood, Chix on the Beach has a great drink variety. We provide delightful drinks, local craft beers, and well selected wines to enhance the dining experience. The kind and experienced staff consistently recommends drinks that match seafood meals.

Beyond its delicious food, Chix on the Beach values client pleasure. The attentive and pleasant personnel make customers feel like family at Chix. A lunch at Chix on the Beach is unforgettable due to its excellent service, beautiful views, and Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood.

Chix on the Beach has become a must-visit for seafood lovers seeking an authentic and delicious eating experience as word travels about its amazing offerings. Chix on the Beach serves Virginia Beach’s greatest seafood for every occasion, from a casual lunch with friends to a romantic evening for two.

Rudee’s on the Inlet

The restaurant’s outstanding location sets the bar for excellence. Rudee’s, located on Rudee Inlet, provides stunning views of the water and a maritime-themed dining experience. Rudee’s beachfront atmosphere makes for a memorable supper with Virginia Beach’s best seafood.

The dedication to fresh, high-quality seafood sets Rudee’s apart from other restaurants. Rudee’s chefs have refined the art of turning ocean treasures into culinary marvels, ensuring that each dish reflects the restaurant’s commitment to excellence. Rudee’s eclectic menu features Virginia Beach’s best seafood, from luscious shrimp to plump oysters and flaky salmon.

Rudee’s on the Inlet’s menu blends seafood classics with creative dishes. Diners may enjoy Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes, which highlight crab’s sweet and delicate tastes, or Rudee’s Seafood Pasta, a rich, savory combination of shrimp, scallops, and mussels. Each dish proves Rudee’s skill as Virginia Beach’s best seafood chef.

Rudee’s sustainability is notable. The restaurant values its relationships with local fishermen and suppliers who practice ethical fishing. This dedication preserves the seas’ ecological health and provides customers with ethical and fresh seafood. Rudee’s ecological approach makes it Virginia Beach’s best seafood restaurant.

Rudee’s on the Inlet’s casual setting matches its delicious food. The nautical-inspired design, with subtle allusions to Virginia Beach’s maritime past, is warm and inviting. Its seaside setting lets visitors enjoy their meals while listening to the waves and watching the sunset, improving the dining experience. Rudee’s serves Virginia Beach’s best seafood and takes you into its marine lifestyle.

Rudee’s friendly and competent crew enhances the eating experience as much as the cuisine. The waitstaff, knowledgeable about the menu, helps customers choose alternatives that suit their tastes. As Virginia Beach’s best seafood provider, Rudee’s smooth service enhances the eating experience.

Rudee’s on the Inlet also attracts socialites. The restaurant’s bar, with its amazing drink and local brew selection, is busy. While socializing with other seafood lovers, customers may relax with a drink in the seaside setting. Rudee is Virginia Beach’s best seafood restaurant due to its delicious food, stunning views, and friendly atmosphere.