Best resorts in Virginia

The Inn at Little Washington

The Inn at Little Washington is more than a place to sleep—it’s an engaging experience. When guests enter the lobby, they feel timeless elegance. A perfect blend of traditional and modern design elements creates a refined atmosphere that sets the tone for an enjoyable stay.

This resort’s culinary brilliance makes it one of Virginia’s best. Chef Patrick O’Connell runs the Inn at Little Washington’s world-class cuisine. With three Michelin stars, this restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience. Guests enjoy a gourmet adventure using fresh, local ingredients to create masterpieces.

In addition to the food, the dining rooms are precisely furnished to match the cuisine. Crystal chandeliers, beautiful tableware, and superb service make every dinner a celebration of flavor and refinement.

In addition to its culinary skills, The Inn at Little Washington offers a choice of rooms to suit visitors’ tastes. Tastefully decorated rooms and suites combine modern comforts with timeless charm. Each room offers a peaceful escape from the outer world.

The resort’s luxurious amenities demonstrate its dedication to client enjoyment. The Inn at Little Washington offers a customized experience for poolside relaxation, spa rejuvenation, and countryside exploration. The devoted staff anticipates every need, making guests feel pampered during their stay.

Many Virginia resorts provide a peaceful respite, but The Inn at Little Washington is among historic landmarks and natural treasures. Visitors may visit Shenandoah National Park, stroll through Washington’s picturesque neighborhoods, or enjoy the region’s diverse culture. Visitors may experience Virginia’s rich history and natural beauty at the resort.

The Inn at Little Washington, one of Virginia’s top resorts, hosts unique events. Weddings, corporate events, and other festivities are set in the resort’s event areas, which are as detailed as the rest of the property. Luxury rooms, great cuisine, and various event spaces make The Inn at Little Washington a top destination for guests seeking a perfect balance of relaxation and refinement.

Guest evaluations rave about this resort’s service and remarkable experiences. The staff’s personal attention, excellent cleanliness, and dedication to excellence leave a lasting impression. The Inn at Little Washington knows how to make guests feel special and welcome.

Keswick Hall and Golf Club

Virginia’s rich history and various scenery attract vacationers seeking a break from daily life. In a state with many possibilities, Keswick Hall and Golf Club has established itself as a top resort.

Keswick Hall strives to offer an unforgettable experience. Classic charm and sophisticated luxury meld effortlessly at the resort, which combines a historic estate with modern comforts. The 600-acre property is a refuge for peace and beauty.

Luxury and comfort define Keswick Hall’s rooms. Each of the resort’s 48 luxurious rooms and suites is meticulously created. Elegant décor and contemporary conveniences await guests. The luxurious suites provide stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, letting visitors reconnect with nature.

The championship golf course at Keswick Hall and Golf Club is a draw for golfers. The masterfully designed 18-hole course by Arnold Palmer blends into the natural terrain, tough but fun for all ability levels. The groomed greens and fairways and rolling hills make golfing gorgeous and thrilling.

Keswick Hall has a modern Golf Clubhouse where golfers may relax and relive their rounds over delicious food and drinks. The clubhouse’s sociability makes it ideal for socializing and building memories.

Keswick Hall provides several recreational activities outside golf for varied interests. Spa guests may relax with a variety of treatments from professional therapists. A fitness center, tennis courts, and gorgeous walking routes ensure that everyone can find something they like at the resort.

Keswick Hall has many restaurants for discriminating diners. The Fossett’s Restaurant, named after Thomas Jefferson’s private secretary, serves locally produced food and imaginative cooking. Elegant decor creates the perfect backdrop for a great meal.

The attentive and customized service at Keswick Hall enhances the guest experience. The team, educated to anticipate and meet every need, offers warmth and welcome that lasts. The Keswick Hall crew exceeds expectations when it comes to private events, outdoor activities, and making guests feel at home.

Keswick Hall & Golf Club is a Virginia luxury resort known for its luxurious rooms, world-class facilities, and environmental sustainability. The resort’s energy-efficient and material-sourcing techniques make it a good choice for eco-conscious tourists.

The Omni Homestead Resort

Modern luxury and historical heritage blend at the Omni Homestead Resort. The resort has endured while delivering an unmatched visitor experience since 1766. The 2,300-acre resort is unique in Virginia because of its undulating hills, rich landscapes, and natural hot springs.

Offering a variety of world-class amenities sets The Omni Homestead Resort apart from other Virginia resorts. The resort accommodates all guests’ needs, whether they want rest, action, or both. The peaceful on-site spa offers relaxing treatments to let guests relax in the mountains. The resort has championship golf courses, equestrian riding, and falconry.

The Omni Homestead Resort has luxurious rooms. The beautiful rooms and suites combine historic charm and contemporary amenities. With luxurious furniture, high-end conveniences, and stunning vistas, each room is meant to feel like home. Staff service is meticulous, meeting visitors’ demands with warmth and efficiency.

The Omni Homestead Resort’s culinary quality sets it apart from other Virginia properties. The resort has many restaurants for different tastes. Every meal gives a taste of the region, from gourmet dining at Jefferson’s Restaurant to casual cuisine at the Casino Restaurant. The resort’s chefs use local, fresh ingredients to give every meal authenticity.

Historical importance boosts The Omni Homestead Resort’s attraction. The property has hosted 23 U.S. Presidents and many other prominent guests. As people tour the well-preserved rooms and grounds, grandeur and heritage are evident. The resort blends old-world beauty with modern amenities, creating a royal and friendly atmosphere.

Beyond its exquisite offers, The Omni Homestead Resort excels in hosting parties and festivities. The resort has event venues and services for any occasion, from romantic weddings to business retreats and family reunions. Guests may focus on making memories as the diligent event planning staff executes every detail.

Another reason the Omni Homestead Resort is one of Virginia’s greatest is its sustainability. Environmentally friendly methods include water saving and trash minimization at the resort. Nature is more than a backdrop for the resort, which aims to conserve it for future generations.

Salamander Resort & Spa

Salamander Resort & Spa’s lovely location and thorough attention to detail make it appealing. Surrounded by Virginia Piedmont hills, the resort provides a peaceful escape from daily life. Guests arrive to groomed lawns, beautiful gardens, and Southern hospitality.

Architectural charm merges with natural beauty at the resort. The colonial-inspired decor reflects the region’s rich heritage and offers a sumptuous getaway. From the majestic entryway to the beautifully decorated guest rooms and suites, every element of the hotel radiates refinement.

Salamander Resort & Spa stands apart by offering a wide range of amenities to meet visitors’ different demands. Visitors have several possibilities for relaxation, adventure, or both. The resort’s world-class equestrian facility lets visitors ride horses across Virginia’s countryside, capturing the region’s spirit.

The resort’s spa offers tranquility and refreshment. Guests may relax in luxury with well-appointed treatment rooms, professional therapists, and a wide range of spa treatments. These treatments combine old and modern methods to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit, demonstrating the spa’s holistic approach to wellbeing.

Salamander Resort & Spa is a culinary paradise. The resort’s restaurants serve the best regional and seasonal food. Each meal is a gem of the resort’s chefs’ farm-to-table freshness and innovation. A wide range of wines and creative drinks enhances the dining experience, which is a Virginia culinary adventure.

Salamander Resort & Spa emphasizes personnel service as well as amenities. The attentive and competent staff anticipates guests’ requirements, making their stay easy and memorable. The special attention to detail makes each guest feel like a VIP from arrival to departure.

Salamander Resort & Spa is known for its sustainability and environmental responsibility as well as its exquisite rooms and services. The resort uses energy-efficient technologies and sources local, organic food for its restaurants. This pledge supports environmentally aware travelers and preserves Virginia’s stunning natural beauty.

The Jefferson Hotel

The Jefferson Hotel’s magnificent grandeur and painstaking attention to detail make it appealing. As soon as you enter the foyer, with its Tiffany stained glass windows and exquisite rotunda, you feel sophisticated and refined. Grand staircases contribute to the hotel’s grandeur and invite visitors to indulge.

The Jefferson Hotel’s 181 rooms and suites are luxurious retreats with beautiful decor, comfortable furniture, and modern facilities. Classic and modern components are seamlessly integrated to give guests the best comfort amid the hotel’s historic charm. The attentive team makes every visitor feel like royalty with individualized care.

The Jefferson Hotel’s culinary selections underline its status as a top Virginia resort. The hotel’s specialty restaurant, Lemaire, serves Southern-inspired cuisine with the region’s best ingredients. With its high ceilings and beautiful wood paneling, Lemaire creates a refined and pleasant atmosphere for dining.

TJ’s, the hotel’s lounge, serves handmade drinks and a worldwide food in a relaxing setting. The Jefferson Hotel’s gastronomic experience exemplifies the resort’s dedication to excellence, from a leisurely breakfast to a delicious evening.

The Jefferson Hotel offers a variety of amenities to suit visitors’ different interests in addition to excellent rooms and cuisine. The fully equipped fitness facility lets fitness lovers stay in shape, while the indoor pool offers relaxation. The hotel’s event areas are perfect for weddings, conferences, and social events.

The Jefferson’s antique beauty is preserved throughout. The well-curated art collection of famous painters enriches the visitor experience. Located in the middle of the city, Jefferson Green is a lovely courtyard where guests may relax.

The Jefferson Hotel’s sustainability makes it one of Virginia’s greatest resorts. The hotel uses energy-efficient procedures and eco-friendly services to reduce its environmental effect while retaining elegance. Responsible tourism appeals to modern travelers who value both luxury and hospitality.

The Jefferson Hotel’s central location is ideal for exploring Richmond’s bustling city. The city’s cultural, historical, and entertainment attractions are conveniently accessible to leisure and business tourists. The hotel’s concierge creates bespoke experiences to maximize visitors’ stay in this vibrant city.


Primland attracts travelers with its distinct and immersive experience. Visitors may escape the daily grind on over 12,000 acres of natural nature at the resort. Primland combines adventure and leisure in beautiful woods and magnificent vistas.

Primland’s rooms combine rustic charm and sophisticated elegance. Luxury cabins, treehouses, and well-appointed rooms are available at the resort. Each room is carefully constructed to suit the resort’s natural beauty, allowing guests to relax. Primland strives to offer the best escape by blending comfort and nature.

Primland is one of Virginia’s top resorts because of its outdoor activity. The resort has several activities for adventurers and relaxers. Golfers will love Donald Steel’s Highland Course, a championship course in the highlands that is hard yet beautiful.

Primland’s Sporting Clay Range offers thrilling shooting in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Horseback rides around the wide property let visitors interact with nature more intimately, while hiking and bike routes let them explore the region’s different landscapes.

Primland’s appeal goes beyond outdoor activities. The Lodge & Spa at Primland, the resort’s world-class spa, welcomes guests with its tranquility and revitalizing treatments. Massages, facials, and body treatments that combine contemporary techniques with indigenous botanicals offer a comprehensive approach to relaxation and wellbeing.

Primland’s cuisine emphasizes the region’s rich tastes and wealth. Elements, the resort’s premier restaurant, uses local and seasonal ingredients to recreate Blue Ridge Mountain cuisine. Atop a ridge, the Treehouse serves meals with stunning vistas, making every meal a celebration of food and beauty.

Primland is a responsible and forward-thinking resort due to its commitment to sustainability and conservation and hospitality quality. The property utilizes ecologically friendly techniques to maintain the region’s natural beauty for future generations. This dedication matches the rising trend of vacationers seeking environmentally friendly places.

Primland’s awards confirm its standing as a top Virginia resort. The resort is constantly lauded for its exceptional guest experience, from travel journals to awards. Primland stands apart in Virginia’s resort market for its seamless mix of luxury, adventure, and environmental responsibility.

The Tides Inn

Its seaside setting with stunning Chesapeake Bay views distinguishes The Tides Inn. Given its 1947 founding, the resort’s architecture reflects the region’s rich past. Over the years, The Tides Inn has undergone thorough restorations to combine classic elegance with modern amenities.

The property is peaceful from the minute guests arrive. Lush gardens, groomed lawns, and the bay’s slow lapping inspire leisure. The resort’s rooms are built for comfort and elegance to create a peaceful atmosphere. From modest guest rooms to spacious suites, The Tides Inn has something for everyone.

Dine at The Tides Inn to experience Virginia’s greatest cuisine. The resort’s signature restaurant, Chesapeake Restaurant, serves up seafood from the region. Taste the freshest catch while overlooking the bay. The Tides Inn’s chefs source ingredients locally to ensure each dish reflects Virginia’s rich culinary tradition.

Commodore’s, a waterfront restaurant, offers a relaxed environment and delicious food. From brunch to sunset supper, guests may enjoy simple, high-quality cuisine.

The Tides Inn offers a variety of activities for all tastes. The 18-hole Golden Eagle Golf Course offers amazing views of the surrounding scenery. The resort’s friendly staff can organize kayaking, paddleboarding, and sailing on the water. The Chesapeake Bay’s natural beauty inspires spa treatments for relaxation.

The resort provides excellent service during the stay. The Tides Inn team goes above and beyond to make guests feel welcome and cared for. The staff’s friendliness makes guests feel like family.

The Tides Inn’s attraction goes beyond its amenities. The resort conducts culinary festivals and health retreats year-round. These events highlight Virginia’s best and foster community. This attention to detail in daily operations and special events makes The Tides Inn one of Virginia’s greatest resorts.

Besides its dining and entertainment, The Tides Inn is a great place for weddings, business retreats, and special occasions. The resort’s event venues can accommodate a variety of groups, and the expert event planning team handles every detail. The Tides Inn’s beachfront surroundings and superb service make it ideal for any special occasion.

A recurring element in The Tides Inn’s achievements and evaluations is its genuine dedication to quality. The resort is lauded for its opulent lodgings, world-class amenities, and intangible aspects that make a visit unforgettable. Its magnificent natural beauty, excellent service, and commitment to providing an unmatched guest experience make The Tides Inn one of Virginia’s top resorts.

The Cavalier Virginia Beach

The Cavalier, established in 1927, has been meticulously renovated to merge the old and current. From the majestic building to the old furnishings that take guests back in time, it’s charming. The resort’s tradition and modern conveniences set it distinct from other Virginia hotels.

The Cavalier’s dedication to visitor satisfaction makes it one of Virginia’s top resorts. When guests enter the lobby, they feel Southern warmth. Our attentive and pleasant team makes every guest feel welcome and at home.

Luxury and comfort define the Cavalier’s rooms and suites. Each tranquil room overlooks the Atlantic Ocean or the perfectly maintained gardens and is elegantly outfitted with modern conveniences and classic design. The resort’s attention to detail includes luxurious linens, soft furniture, and cutting-edge technology to ensure visitors’ comfort and relaxation.

The Cavalier enhances eating. The on-site restaurants combine modern flavors and methods with the region’s rich culinary tradition. The resort’s cuisine pleases the most discriminating palates with fresh fish and locally produced products. Dining at The Cavalier is a culinary experience that captures Virginia’s robust food culture.

Additional facilities make the resort one of Virginia’s best. Among beautiful gardens and palm trees, guests may relax beside the lovely outdoor pool. The spa’s luxurious treatments are ideal for relaxation and wellbeing. The fitness facility has cutting-edge equipment for active clients, integrating health and wellbeing throughout their stay.

Outside its premises, the Cavalier strives to provide exceptional experiences. The resort is close to Virginia Beach’s attractions, allowing guests to experience the area’s rich culture and natural beauty. The Cavalier opens up Virginia Beach’s best, whether you’re walking the boardwalk, playing water sports, or exploring the cultural scene.

In addition to its great rooms and facilities, The Cavalier’s sustainability makes it appealing. Sustainable methods like energy-efficient lighting and trash minimization highlight the resort’s dedication to responsible tourism. This focus on sustainability appeals to ecologically aware guests, confirming The Cavalier’s top Virginia resort status.

The Cavalier excels as a party location. Its enormous ballrooms and outdoor areas are ideal for weddings, conventions, and special gatherings. The resort’s professional event planning staff executes every detail to create unforgettable occasions for visitors and participants.

The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner

Tysons Corner’s Ritz-Carlton is known for quality. The enormous lobby exudes beauty and refinement from the start. From the luxurious furnishings to the superb service of the committed team, the resort is meticulously designed.

Prime location distinguishes The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner. The resort is in the upscale Tysons Corner district, near Washington, D.C.’s dynamic cultural scene, yet offers a peaceful getaway from the city. Visitors may experience the bustling energy of the nation’s capital and the peacefulness of a quiet retreat.

The resort’s rooms are luxurious. Rooms and suites are attractively designed with soft furniture, luxurious bedding, and contemporary conveniences. Each room is a comfortable retreat after a day of sightseeing or business. The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner elegantly blends luxury and comfort to create a sanctuary for guests.

The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner is a culinary wonderland. Each restaurant in the resort offers a unique and wonderful meal. The resort’s eating options satisfy all tastes, from the elegant Entyse Wine Bar & Lounge to the delicious Fyve Restaurant Lounge. The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner is one of Virginia’s greatest resorts because to its cuisine.

The resort’s spa is a tranquil retreat. The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner Spa provides luxurious treatments to rejuvenate. Guests may relax with a massage, facial, or in the spa’s exquisite amenities. Holistic wellness strengthens the resort’s Virginia top ranking.

Beyond exquisite rooms and superb cuisine, the Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner caters to business visitors. The resort is suitable for conferences, seminars, and business events with modern meeting and event areas. Business travelers searching for refinement choose The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner because its competent and dedicated staff ensures every function is faultless.

Personal attention sets The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner apart as one of Virginia’s premier resorts. The crew anticipates visitors’ requirements, making every stay unforgettable and above expectations. This resort’s superb service—from tailored experiences to local attraction advice to a warm and friendly atmosphere—sets it apart.

Beyond its luxurious rooms and top-notch services, The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner helps the community and environment. Sustainable practices include energy reduction and product sourcing at the resort. This environmental responsibility adds appeal for conscious guests seeking a resort experience that matches their ideals.

The Founders Inn and Spa

For a break from daily life, the Founders Inn and Spa is ideal. From the minute guests reach the resort’s verdant property, they feel calm. The well-kept gardens with vivid flowers and tall trees create a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway.

The Founders Inn and Spa’s dedication to visitor satisfaction sets it different. The resort has well-appointed guest rooms and big suites with attention to detail and comfort. For romantic, family, or single vacations, the resort has a range of lodging alternatives.

The Founders Inn and Spa’s appeal goes beyond its luxurious rooms. With restaurants and cafés for every taste, the resort’s cuisine is delicious. The rich aromas of Virginia’s native vegetables may be enjoyed in fine restaurants and al fresco picnics.

The Founders Inn and Spa’s spa is a sanctuary for relaxation. The on-site spa provides precisely chosen treatments and therapies to restore mind, body, and spirit. With professional therapists and a quiet atmosphere, the spa offers a complete wellness experience that compliments the resort.

The resort’s activities and amenities show its leisure focus. Guest can swim in the pool, play tennis on well-maintained courts, or hike through natural paths. Every minute at the Founders Inn and Spa is an adventure and relaxation opportunity.

The Founders Inn and Spa’s attention to service makes it one of Virginia’s top resorts. The team, educated to anticipate and surpass client demands, makes every stay flawless. From the warm greeting at reception to the customized help during the stay, the resort brings hospitality to every contact.

The Founders Inn and Spa hosts unique events. The resort’s event areas may accommodate a dream wedding, corporate retreat, or social gathering. With great attention to detail and a staff of event specialists, The Founders Inn and Spa makes each event unique and smooth.

The resort’s strategic position enhances its attractiveness. Its Virginia location makes adjacent attractions, historical places, and cultural activities simple to reach. Within a short drive of the resort, guests may visit Colonial Williamsburg, cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway, or enjoy Norfolk’s lively arts scene.